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'Farah Rani's portrayal of Maznah is simply outstanding - she perfectly embodies the character's sarcastic wit and impish charm with effortless ease, and has the audience eating out of her hands within seconds of appearing on stage...Everytime Maznah comes on stage, there is something to be laughing about.' 


Anandhi Gopinath- The Edge, November 2012




'Aside from Swee Lin,  I am of the opinion that Farah Rani as Maznah, playing the liberal Malaysian, stood out amongst the five actors. In the play, Maznah questions the relationship between love and religion. Her natural acting was captivating. She delivered her lines with a sharpness that penetrates the mind and compels you to think.' 


Sultan Muzzafar- Gua, November 2012






‘Farah, for example, takes perhaps the least complex character and imbues it with a charming naïveté that is all the more heartbreaking when it crumbles.’


Sharmila Ganesan- The Star, 2012



'The cast is spectacular in this production.  They are as believable in their roles as they are diverse.  Melur (Farah Rani), the female of the group is the pacifying idealist and her friendship with each of the boys is tested as their cultural differences are put under scrutiny.'


Hayley Horton- Aussie Theatre, October 2013 



'Performances by ledil Putra, Farah Rani, Gregory Sze and Branavan Aruljothi are very good.'


Maggie Tate - Global Media Post, September 2013


'The cast deliver a strong and engaging performance. Performing in Malay, the young actors deliver their lines with humour and passion, giving life to the English translations projected behind them. Each of the four actors, Farah Rani, Iedil Putra, Gregory Sze and Branavan Aruljothi, portray their characters with compassion and concentrated energy, forming a cohesive ensemble.'


Lauren Sherritt - Australian Stage, February 2013



'The four actors are impressive in their characterisations, playfulness and in capturing the nature of young adults dealing with personal and social issues in the latter years of their schooling. They are particularly strong when their friendship falters, and in moving monologues where their personal stories and experiences of racism are revealed.'


Greg Elliot - InDaily, September 2013



Radio Interviews

Farah Rani on a Sunday Kind of Love, BFM August 2015

Parah Interview, 2011

Past Perfect/Future Tense Interview, 2010

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